How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

You can email us your requirements i.e size, shape of the stamp. If need be we can

Design an artwork for you to approve and email back to us for production to commence.

What Is An Artwork?

An artwork shows the actual size and layout of your stamp impression along with the price

Will be sent to you in a PDF or JPEG  format.

What Is The Delivery Time & Charge?

The rubber stamps are ready to be delivered or collected from our offices the next working day

Or in urgent cases the same day once we get the order confirmation and payment from the customer. All stamps delivered with Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) are free of charge.

For Nairobi suburbs, upcountry and overseas deliveries, transportation charges are applicable.

Is It Possible To Include Signature, Logo Or Image On My Rubber Stamps Or Embossing Press (Seals)?

Yes, we can include your signature, logo or any desired image on your stamps or embossing press (seal). Contact us for more details.

Is It Possible To Include A Special Feature For Security Reasons On My Rubber Stamps?

Yes. Contact us to advise you on various security options that can be incorporated in stamps.